Renal Cysts

Renal Cysts

What are Renal Cysts?

Renal cysts are sacs of fluid that form in the kidneys. They are also known as “simple” cysts chracterised by a thin wall and contain water-like fluid. They are fairly common and usaully do not cause any harm or symptoms.

Symptoms of Renal Cysts

They rarely do cause any symptoms but if they do, they can cause backaches, fever or abdominal pain.

Diagnosing Renal Cysts

Renal cysts are discovered mostly during imaging tests such as an abdominal ultrasound or pelvic ultrasound.

Treatments for Renal Cysts

Renal cysts generally do not require any treatment unless they are causing symptoms or impeding the kidney function. In such cases, doctors will either perform Sclerotherapy (Also known as Percutaneous Alcohol Ablation where the doctor inserts a long needle through the skin and into the cyst under ultrasound guidance and drain the cyst. The doctor will then fill it with an alcohol-based solution that causes the tissue to harden and shrink thereby reducing the chance of recurrence.) or Surgery. Surgery involves the surgeon making a small incision and accessing the cyst with a laparoscope. The surgeon will drain the cyst and burn or cut away the outer layer of the cyst.

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