What is Nocturia?

Nocturia is the excessive urination at night. Waking up 2 or more times at night to urinate is indicative of nocturia.

Symptoms of Nocturia

People who have nocturia wakes up 2 or more times at night to urinate causing disruptions in a normal sleep cycle.

Diagnosing Nocturia

A bladder diary may be required by the doctor to diagnose nocturia. A bladder diary will record how much you drink, your output of urine and when you urinate.

Treatments for Nocturia

Treatments for nocturia include Medications such as anticholinergics drugs and diuretic drugs and Surgery.

Surgery can be done to treat an overactive bladder by increasing the bladder capacity. This involves using pieces of the bowel to replace a portion of your bladder. However, this surgery is only recommended if patient has failed to respond to other conservative treatments.

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